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Exceptional Commercial Painting Services

For over 25 years, Salinas Drywall and Painting has worked on projects for many different retail businesses, homes, organizations, property managers, and other institutions around Naperville, Illinois. We specialize in interior and exterior painting services for retail shopping centers and other large commercial clients.

Our company understands the unique and complex challenges associated with working directly inside of an occupied, high-traffic property. While we strive to maximize the value of your investment, we're dedicated to keeping all of our commercial job sites safe, convenient, and efficient for everyone that's involved.

Specializing in Serving Major Retail Chains

Our company has been recognized as being one of the leading providers of professional painting and specialty coating services in the nation. We have experienced commercial painters and crew leaders that have been working in this industry for decades. Whether you're repainting a single location or your entire chain, our dedicated team of experts can answer your questions or develop innovative and creative solutions for your specific circumstances. The commercial services that we offer also include caulking, sealants, water repellents, self-cleaning paints, and elastomeric paints or coatings.

Commercial Painting